30 Gallon (114L) Copper Distillation Still Pot with 4" Copper Collar and 2" cone fill port

30 Gallon Copper Distillation Still Pot with 4" Copper Collar, 2" fill port, Temp Gauge and Ball Valve Drain
Manufacturer: Stampede Stills
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This 30 gallon copper still is hand crafted in Texas. The 4" copper collar will allow you to easily connect to any standard 4" distilling column equipment. Easy to use 2" fill port on the cone allows for filling the still without removing the head.



  • 30 Gallon Volume capacity (not including head space in the cone volume)
  • 2" fill port installed on the cone with a locking triclamp and lid for easy filling while the still is setup.
  • Made from 24 oz (21 gauge) Revere copper
  • Silver based, lead-free solder
  • Wide beads rolled into the barrel for strength and design
  • 4" copper ez-flange ferrule
  • 1/2" lead free ball valve
  • Temperature gauge
  • Flat bottom for easy use on flat top stoves
  • Made in Texas
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