About Stampede Stills

Stampede Stills is a small craft coppershop specializing in custom copper distillation equipment for small to medium size distilleries, home craft enthusiasts and upcoming distillers. We take pride that our pieces are made here in Texas USA and not just imported. All of our equipment uses triclamps and locking collars to seal/connect together like legos for adults. We are strong supporters of "no paste" for sealing a still as we value your time and safety (and this is not the 1800's ). Since each person's wants/needs are different we are very flexible to allow for the customizing of each finished piece.

We can build reflux columns, pot stills, heads, condensers... watering cans. Our skilled coppersmiths can work in many different metal gauges depending on the size of your project.

For our most current work, please follow us on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/stampedestills/ or send us a message or call me during normal working hours at 603-512-7322.

I look forward to helping you excel in the craft of distillation for oils and alcohols. Thank you for taking the time to learn about our company and copperwork!