BREATH ALCOHOL .08% Personal Single Use Pocket Breathalyzer (1 pack)

This easy to use, disposable breathalyzer is useful in hopefully keeping you out of trouble. Great fun at parties too.
Manufacturer: BREATH ALCOHOL
Includes one Test kit
About the product
  • Easy to Use!
  • Test for .08% and higher alcohol detection. Perfect for parents to check their teens
  • Fast Reading in 2 minutes
  • Accurate
  • Check your breath alcohol ... before the authorities do

Product description

Instructions for Use: Breath Alcohol test procedure is quick and easy, and results can be obtained within 2 minutes - Wait 15 minutes after last drink - Break inner glass tube by applying pressure between thumbs and forefingers - Blow through tube for 12 seconds - Wait 2 minutes then observe color of majority of crystals Yellow - Below detector BAC level Aqua - At of above BAC level Breath Alcohol Technology: - Within minutes of drinking alcohol, an individuals blood alcohol concentration starts to rise. Unlike food, alcohol is absorbed directly through the walls of the stomach, goes into the bloodstream, and travels throughout the body and to the brain. This allows blood alcohol levels to increase quickly. Most of the alcohol is broken down in the liver, the rest of it is passes out of the body in urine and exhaled breath. Breath Alcohol breath alcohol detectors contain chemically-coated crystals that change color when exposed to alcohol released from the breath. When the subject blows/exhales into the tube, the YELLOW crystals interact with breath vapor. After 2 minutes, if the majority of the crystals change to a light AQUA (GREEN/BLUE, BLUE/GREEN) cast, this indicates that the test result is Positive and the subjects breath alcohol level is at or above the level printed on the Detector label. If they remain a shade of Yellow, the test result is Negative, indicating that the subjects breath alcohol level is below the level printed on the Detector label.

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