Just Panela Sugar Cane Unrefined Organic, 55 lb

Just Panela Sugar Cane Unrefined Organic, 55 lb Perfect for Coffee, tea, baking, chocolatiers, and of course DISTILLING and alcohol production. $1.25 a pound + shipping costs for purchases 55 pounds and larger.
Manufacturer: Just Panela

A More Nutritional Natural Sweetener

The way cane sugar is supposed to be, Just Panela cane sugar is hand cut, hand kettled, handcrafted. That means no industrial collection or processing. Just Panela cane sugar retains the natural characteristics, knows as "terroir" (pronounced; 'ter-war'). This means a product of nature retains its taste from the soil, climate, and region from whence it came. When white, turbinado, and brown sugars are centrifugally refined the good is thrown out with the bad. That includes the naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

The nutrients in this sugar will help the yeast thrive and produce amazing flavors. It is ideal for making rum. This sugar will replace Molasses and brown sugar.

 $1.25 a pound + shipping costs for purchases 55 pounds and larger.


**This purchase is for 55 Pounds of Just Panela sugar. SHIPPING will be calculated manually for the best rate and you will be contacted with the shipping price.

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