LYNE MASTER 2 Gallon (7.6 Liter) Copper Distillation Thumper upgrade for 6 gallon Lyne Master stills

This thumper is an upgrade option for LYNE MASTER stills. 2 Gallon (7.6 Liter) Copper Moonshine Thumper with 3" access and triclamp, temperature gauge, and 1/2" ball valve would work best with a 6 gallon still or as a second thumper on a 10 gallon still.
Manufacturer: Stampede Stills

This LYNE MASTER copper 2 Gallon (7.6 Liter) Thumper/Doubler is the perfect addition to a 6 gallon LYNE MASTER still. The connections are the same type so it will allow you the same flexible lyne arm manipulation that you have with other lyne arm. The advantages of a thumper would be gaining a higher proof on the first run and/or to add back flavor that is lost during the first distillation process from the pot.

2 Gallon Thumper

3" ferrule with locking triclamp, gasket and stainless sanitary end cap

Temperature gauge placed at the vapor line to help you manage your still

1/2" ball valve drain to help drain and maintain levels

1/2" copper unions allow for quick connection to your current Lyne Master still.

20 oz Revere copper and silver based, lead-free solder


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