Stampede Stills .50 Caliber Whiskey Wine Thief (22" long)

This stylish new creation from the Stampede Stills' coppersmiths will allow you to sample your product in flair. This whiskey wine thief is both functional and and easy to clean.
Manufacturer: Stampede Stills

The Stampede Stills .50 Caliber 22" whiskey thief is a great addition to our product line. This device allows you to sample your liquids out of deep vessels with a narrow opening. Carboys, keg, casks, and barrels are common storage containers for wine and hard alcohol. This thief makes is easy to pull a sample for tasting or testing.

  • 50 caliber shell
  • 1/2" pipe
  • total length 22"
  • copper construction
  • lead free solder
  • Easy to clean and take apart.
  • 1.5oz sample volume in tube


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