Stampede Stills 4" x 8" copper water cooled Reflux Head with 20 feet of coil

Stampede Stills 4" x 8" copper water cooled Reflux Head with 20 feel of coil, vacuum relief valve, and a pressure relief valve.
Manufacturer: Stampede Stills

This head will help make a 4" column into a reflux column. Water in and out on the 20 feet of 1/4" copper tubing will help you achieve Full reflux when used in conjunction with a column, packing/bubble plates.


4" copper collar
8" tall
1" ID pipe hand off (bare pipe only)
Stampede Stills Temperature gauge
20 feet of 1/4" copper coil
1/4" piping stubbed out for water connection
5 PSI Pressure relief valve installed in top
Vacuum relief valve installed to prevent implosions

Sale is for still head and does not include clamp or gasket or pipe connections


We would be happy to customize any part to your needs. Please contact us if you need something special made.

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