Stampede Stills Artisan Copper Proofing Parrot with Brass Base

Stampede Stills stand alone Artisan Copper Proofing Parrot with Brass base is a great accessory to help you proof in real-time.
Manufacturer: Stampede Stills

The stand alone Artisan Proofing Parrot will help you get a real-time proof of the alcohol coming off of the still. It is sturdy and has some resistance to tipping. The parrot is very useful for making cuts and knowing when to start/stop your run. It is built to work with any still. It is gravity fed from the top. A proofing scale hydrometer is required to use this device properly (not included)


It is made from:

1/2" copper pipe
1" copper pipe
3.75" diameter collection cone
Brass base

It is about 13" tall and VERY tip resistant.

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