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BLACK FRIDAY Stampede Stills Copper Barbed Wire Worm Pecker, French/American Oak, Just Panela and Coozie Extravaganza Bundle

This Stampede Stills Sweet, Pecker/Wood Bundle will give you some new accessories and flavors to add to your still cabinet. All three sizes of the Moonshine Lifeā„¢ custom mason jar coozies and sweet treats for flavoring
Manufacturer: Stampede Stills


1- ONE of The Stampede Stills Copper Barbed Wire Worm Pecker will help control the direction of the liquid that is streaming out. It is commonplace to see people use a Racoon Baculum (Penis Bone) in the end of the condenser worm. 

  • Made out of handspun copper wire and lead free solder
  • Fits all size condesner coiils
  • Adjustable to your preferred angle of drip
  • Signature Stampede Stills Barbed Wire ~3"

2. ONE OUNCE of Red Wine infused French Oak Barrel Stave

3. ONE OUNCE of used and charred American Oak staves from Balcones Rum barrels

4. ONE POUND of Just Panela pure unrefined cane sugar

5. ONE OUNCE of Red Wine infused French Oak SHAVINGS for more rapid action

6. ONE giant CHERRY flavored candy cane that you can use in your thumper for infusion or after in the final product

7. ONE of EACH SIZE - PINT, QUART, and HALF GALLON Moonshine Life™ custom neoprene mason jar insulating coozies

8. Stampede Stills 4" vinyl circle sticker



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