Stampede Stills Copper 1/2 Gallon Widemouth Mason Jar Thumper Kit (Half Gallon)(1/2" piping)

This Stampede Stills Copper Half Gallon Widemouth Mason Jar Thumper Kit will make a fine addition to most small stills or can be used in tandem with more jars.
Manufacturer: Stampede Stills

This Copper Thumper/Doubler 1/2 gallon kit is the perfect addition to most smaller stills. The advantages of a thumper would be gaining a higher proof on the first run and/or to add back flavor that is lost during the first distillation process from the pot.


Copper 1/2" piping with a 90 degree elbow to prevent bottom blowouts caused by hot spots.


20 oz Revere copper and silver based, lead-free solder




I strongly suggest getting this combo bundle if you do not have the insulated half gallon coozie sleeves already.

We sell the coozies separately as well and can be see in the suggested items or if you search "coozie".

Heat loss = time + money loss

It is a great idea to insulate your thumper as it is an indirectly heated glass vessel that will quickly lose heat. The neoprene insulated thumper sleeve for half gallon mason jars will protect the glass from impact, insulate it, and keep away prying eyes.

**SHIPPING WILL BE CALCULATED WHEN ORDER IS PROCESSED (average single unit rate is about $8.50) 

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