Stampede Stills FRENCH OAK Red Wine Barrel Wood Shavings for Aging and Smoking (2oz)

These Red Wine infused French Oak Stave Shavings are ready to be toasted or charred to your desired toast level. Supreme for fast aging. This wood is loved by all.
Manufacturer: Stampede Stills

Home aging with the finest woods. French oak is VERY dense and will add a flavor profile to your products that is said to be better than American Oak. The wood is more expensive and harder to get and that is why you don't see a lot of it around. These shavings are ideal for making your own whiskey in a rapid time frame

  • Shavings will vary in size
  • FRENCH OAK wine barrel planks are cut from retired wine barrels used to slowly age some of the best French red wines
  • Made from wine barrels, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Gamay wines
  • Years of aging allow for a flavor infusing smoke that's as adventurous as planking can get
  • 2 oz of wood shavings
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