Stampede Stills LYNE MASTER 1/2 Gallon Mason Jar Thumper Kit add-on upgrade (Half Gallon)

This Stampede Stills Copper Quart Widemouth Mason Jar Thumper Kit will make a fine addition to our LYNE MASTER setups. It just adds right onto the existing LYNE MASTER Still.
Manufacturer: Stampede Stills

This Copper Thumper/Doubler 1/2 gallon kit is the perfect addition to our LYNE MASTER stills. The advantages of a thumper would be gaining a higher proof on the first run and/or to add back flavor that is lost during the first distillation process from the pot.


Copper 1/2" piping with a 90 degree elbow to prevent bottom blowouts caused by hot spots.


20 oz Revere copper and silver based, lead-free solder

15" lyne arm to attach to the thumper.

Piped with 1/2" copper unions





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