Stampede Stills MOONSHINE LIFE™ 220V Custom STAMPEDE LOGO Electric Heating Controller with 5500W Element and Cord

This Stampede Stills MOONSHINE LIFE™ 220V Custom STAMPEDE LOGO Electric Heating Controller with 5500W Element and Cord is a complete plug and play kit for stills 40 gallons and under that have a 2" tri-clamp port on their still pot or thumper.
Manufacturer: Stampede Stills
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These electric controller boxes are made to be simple to use with an emphasis on durability and safety. All setting are preset during the initial test run so all the user has to do is plug it in, turn it on, and set the desired temperature. The enclosure is hand build and then powder coated.

Our basic box includes:

  • Inkbird 106VH PID 40 amp SSR with heat sink
  • Extended 10ft k type thermocouple gives greater flexibility on mounting location
  • 30 amp motor rated switch
  • 30 amp 220vac plug to power the box internal cooling fan to protect against overheating and maximize component life.
  • 30 amp twist lock outlet on the box to hook up to a 5500 watt element
  • 30 amp inline fuses protect the box as well as the user from damage due to spills, power surges, or other accidents that may happen.
  • 5500 watt ultra-low watt density stainless heating element pre-wired with a 30 amp twist lock plug and 10ft of 10ga water resistant cord.
  • MOONSHINE LIFE™ logo and design

The internally grounded box offers further protection and enhance safety. Every unit is put through a test run prior to shipment to ensure all components are in good working order and to present all PID parameters.

True plug and play controller ready to simply plug into the box and attach to a 2" tri-clamp ferrule.

Units can be custom ordered to accommodate multiple elements and each box can be set up with duel PIDs to allow the user to heat more than pot at different temperatures. Custom artwork/logos for the box cover is available upon request.

We can build to meet any specification and requirements needed.

SHIPPING will be calculated at time of shipping. If you need a quote, please call us. The boxes are all custom built so it can take some time.

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