The Original LYNE MASTER 10 Gallon Still with Dual Adjustable Lyne arms, 3.3 gallon thumper and 3.3 gallon worm condenser

The Original LYNE MASTER 10 Gallon Copper Moonshine Still with 3.3 Gallon Thumper and 3.3 Gallon Worm is the most versatile setup to the Stampede Stills product line. There are 24+ combinations of lyne arm angles and setups to allow you to control your flavor/proof.
Manufacturer: Stampede Stills
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Lower profile 10 Gallon copper pot with 4" ferrule with triclamp and gasket

Still head with 4" copper ferrule

Custom Temperature gauge on Pot, Cap vapor line, and Thumper vapor line

1/2" Ball valve drain on Pot and thumper

3.3 gallon thumper with 3" custom stainless lid with triclamp and gasket

Copper unions to join any piped area together

Both Lyne arms adjust to allow you to raise or lower the thumper AND worm to your preferred angle and to allow for easier setup on different surfaces.

Different Lyne arm angles will have a different outcome on your product by changing the flavor and/or the proof.

The still can be run in a different directions to accommodate different locations.

Made from 20 oz Revere Copper, silver based, lead-free solder, copper rivets, and American ingenuity.


Since each piece is custom built to your wants and needs, please feel free to ask us to remove or add things that might make it more your creation or allow you to incorporate a piece you might already have.


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